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How I decorate roses with glitter.

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How I decorate roses with glitter, this could be any flowers.

I personally find the best supermarket for flowers for value and longevity is good old Tesco.

Please do check aswell when you are choosing flowers, in their bargain bins. They have fabulous deals on flowers that have only just past their selling date for the 'supermarket selling' dates.

This little project can be done with any flowers, but I'm addicted to roses. Obviously taking the time of year aswell, they are the flower of LOVE.

These flowers have only cost me £3, I usually choose the bigger bunch at £5 and they come in a variety of colours.

I bought the spray adhesive from The Range.
I usually go outside to spray, or spray into a plastic bag.

Then cover with the glitter colour you want and voila!!!

I usual find the flowers last longer this way.

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