Narnia Trail - CS Lewis - Rostrevor Northern Ireland

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Following Narnia Trail while being on a trip after watching the movie - Narnia Trail is found in Kilbroney Park, Rostrevor (, where the kids kept following up with what they have seen in order to reach all the things and spots which might be related to the movie in this park - and they succeeded at getting to their destinations.

The Chronicles of Narnia from which the movie was made and also this trail came to live was a book series written by the British novelist Clive Staples Lewis who was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. CS Lewis has been famously known for several books he has written from which The Chronicles of Narnia is considered one of the top when it comes to fiction and which has been popularized on stage, TV, radio, and cinema and was also the one mostly sold.

This trail - Narnia Trail - which is found in Kilbroney Park ( brings to life the story of Narnia as well as others in this area of the Mournes. The Narnia legends are interpreted along a short family loop trail which starts with the entrance through a wardrobe - just as if one is getting into a magical world - and then leads the visitor to different other stations and themes that include the Beaver's House, the Citadels, the Tree People, the Chairs, the lantern, as well as other things which we managed to lay our hands on before leaving this magical place and getting back out to the real world.

In order to make it much interesting for the kids and related to stories they have seen or other places they have visited before, we decided first to take them the day before to CS Lewis Square in Newtownards Road, Belfast, where they also got the chance to see different sculptures related to the same story and walk among them while following a map given in hand so that they would not miss anything of the trip out ( It was considered a good trip for them although we believe that the Narnia Trail was much more exciting for them with all the walking, running, and searching.

After getting outside this magical place and passing by those different spots inside, we then headed for the next destination - which the kids thought I was mad at first for suggesting and thinking about it, but I was not =) - and which was climbing the mountain to reach up where the Cloughmore Stone is found.

The Cloughmore Stone, which is another important legend - that of the Giant Fionn McCumhaill - linked to the Narnia trail, is a huge granite boulder that is found 1,000 feet above the village of Rostrevor in County Down, Northern Ireland, on a relatively flat area and which we decided to come up for and check in real life instead of always seeing it in pictures - I have to admit, it was tiring but really exciting to come up there to finish the whole trip and plan you have placed down before leaving home.

Due to the tiring day of walking first in the park while trying to find the trail and keeping up with its magical world inside and then going up there to the top to see the Cloughmore Stone - which was the hardest - we had to make a quick stop for dinner at Newcastle before hitting the road and going back home once again (

It is actually one of the good things that one could do in Northern Ireland when it comes to thinking about adventures and parks. Visiting the Narnia Trail and keeping up with the magical world of it inside the park is one thing done in appreciation for the great work of the novelist CS Lewis, but again, that comes in addition to CS Lewis Square that carries different giant sculptures and make people feel that they are real from the way they are created and displayed (

The inspiration of this amazing writer who left behind a wide range of stories and who has the most famous ones which we are running behind everywhere, is always found in these places, making the Irish people reveal the amount of love and appreciation carried for this man and his work (

This was a long day and we had no time to go and visit other places, but for those who might be staying in Newcastle (, there are actually other beautiful places which they could pass by, such as the Tollymore Forest Park ( or for those who are fans of Game of Thrones movie - which most of its scenes where taken in Ireland - they could go and check door number three at the Percy French Restaurant in Newcastle, county Down (

Tell us what did you enjoy the most about our journey and share with us your adventures there if you have already visited before.

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