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Database 初級:2.5小時 SQL入門|教學|廣東話 Video

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1) Relational database concept
2) SQL Statements

SQL statements & SQLite db file:

00:00 Introduction: SQL
00:59 Part 1: Theory - Table
03:12 What can SQL do?
04:11 DBMS - database management system
06:14 Relational DB model
07:54 What is SQL query?
12:58 Structure of relational DB
13:59 Primary key
15:40 Table relationships
17:10 A. 1-to-1 relationship
19:25 B. 1-to-many relationship
21:57 C. many-to-many relationship
25:00 SELECT command intro
32:03 Part 2: Demo
32:18 Tool: Database Navigator (PyCharm plugin) & SQLiteStudio
37:50 CURD operations
39:23 Read / Query - connect to SQLite DB
41:28 Comment line
43:06 1) SELECT command - SELECT values & call function
01:05:01 SELECT aggregate() FROM … GROUP BY …
01:11:28 Join tables - SELECT … FROM … WHERE …
01:24:40 Sub-query
01:28:59 2) CREATE TABLE command
01:30:20 Create table by SQL (person & department)
01:37:04 Foreign key integrity - ON DELETE …
01:49:21 3) INSERT INTO command
01:53:26 Cascade delete record test
01:56:33 Create table by tool (room)
02:05:07 Column affinity (SQLite only)
02:07:59 SQLite storage
02:13:37 Datetime function (SQLite)
02:19:42 Parse timestamp with Python
02:20:48 4) UPDATE command
02:27:14 Multiple update statement - transaction (all or nothing)
02:32:21 5) DELETE & DROP TABLE command
02:35:51 Summary & conclusion

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